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Movable step cutting machine

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Movable step cutting machine

Working Principle

Turning over sling turns the mould with 90 degree and demoulds it,the cake together with the side board of the mould are placed on the cutting board.The vertical cutting device cuts the cake as it moves under the drive of its motor.After completing the side,it moves to the pause position.Cross cutting device moves to the middle of the cake stop there and then starts the cross cutting.

Movable step cutting machine

Main technical data

  Serial number Name Unit Index Remark
  1 Capacity 10,000m³/year 10-20 Annual output
  2 Size of the cake M 6×1.2×0.6 Net
  3 Cutting cycle mm 5/10 Vertical cutting/cross cutting
  4 Cutting precision mm ±3±1.5±1.5 Length,width,height
  5 Production cycle Min/mould 6  
  6 Quality of the master cutting machine t 18 Vertical cutting/cross cutting
  7 Installed capacity of the master cutting machine kw 12.9 Including hydraulic station

Main features of this type

1.Simplify and practical structure,easy to set up and repair.

2.After turning over the cake,it is up-right and its width is 600mm,height is 1200mm.The wire cutting in this way use shorter,so it’s not easy to be snapped,wander with higher cutting precision.

3.The vertical cutting device is walking to finish the vertical cutting. Horizontal cutting device adopts lead screw transmission to make crosscut frame lift and transmission keep consistent and the cutting precision.

4. Both sides (600mm broad) can millling flute at the same time after the cake is up-right at vertical cutting, do not need another configuration noth processing equipment;

5.The machine can produce panal besides building blocks,and can cut the cake from six sides,so the quality of the products can not be influenced by the oil and transformation of the moulds;

6.Simplicity and convenience of operation,the cutting process (turning over,vertical cutting,cross cutting) are finished at different station.

On an article:Step cutting machine
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