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Double beam double speed driving

Time:2011-05-31    Click number:1002   
Introduction:Henan HuaYi Machine Manufacturing Co., LTD has exquisite technology,the main productions include aerated concrete equipment, aerated concrete block equipment,light-weight brick equipment,new type building materials equipment,steamed lime-sand brick equipment, aerated brick equipment,dressing equipment, lime-sand brick equipment,sand making equipment,dinas production lineequipment,drying machinery and other serial equipment.

Double beam double speed driving 

Beam bridge crane

Our company can design and produce different production capacity production line of double beam double speed driving according to raw material,production capacity,economic strength of the users.

Technical specifications
Working system
Main technical parameters
Rated super weight Main hook t 300 350
Secondary hook 40/5(Motor hoist) 75/10(Motor hoist)
Lk  Span Lk m 17 22
Lift height Main/Secondary m 24/32 25/40
Speed Lifting Main hook m/min 0.84 1
Secondary hook 5.8 5.22
Operation Trolley 8.1 5.8
Dray 17.7 22
Motor Lifting Main hook Model YZR315S/55 YZR315M/85
Secondary hook YZR280M/45 YZR315M/85
Operation Trolley YZR160MB/7.5 YZR160MB/8.5
Dray YZR180L/4×11 YZR180L×13
Max.wheel-pressure of the lift t 152 231
Self weight Trolley 50 55
All up of the lift 92 98
Main size
Trolley span LT m 6700 5800
 Trolley wheelspan KT 4600 5520
Dray inside wheelspan T 6700 5800
 Distance from girder underside to orbital plane F 365 490
Max.width of the lift B 11600 11180
 Distance from orbit centre to outer side of the lift B1 435 459
Distance from rail level to top of the lift H 4753 5913
Distance from rail level to bumper H1 1100 1200
Distance from wheel centre to outer side of the bumper A 2450 2440
Distance from control cabin to outer side of the bumper h3 2345 2407
Extreme position Distance from lifting hook to rail level Main hook h 1102 591
Secondary hook h1 162 -269
Distance from lifting hook to the centre of rail level Main hook L1 3155 4312
L2 3100 3830
Secondary hook L3 1100 1900
L4 5155 6242
Recommend dray track model   QU100 QU120

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