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The third create pressure-blasting machine

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Introduction:Henan HuaYi Machine Manufacturing Co., LTD has exquisite technology,the main productions include aerated concrete equipment, aerated concrete block equipment,light-weight brick equipment,new type building materials equipment,steamed lime-sand brick equipment, aerated brick equipment,dressing equipment, lime-sand brick equipment,sand making equipment,dinas production lineequipment,drying machinery and other serial equipment.

Introduction of PXJ

My company manufactures PXJ 800 x 400 and 800 x 600, 800 x 800, 1000 x 10, 12 x 1000,the third create pressure-blasting machine (efficient machine), it’s the new efficient sand making equipment (finely crusher),which reference the working principle of other crusher, and according to the user’s specific information feedback, combined with the advantages of the new design. Its typical application is to meet the need of current artificially mechanism sand industries,it is the substitute products of rod milling crusher,impact crusher,veitical shaft impact crusher

Product features:The grain-size small, even granule shape.Great capacity of production, hammer long life.Supporting power small, variable tertiary broken as secondary crushing.

Simple technique and structure ,easy maintenance, stable operation, etc

This system sand machine equipment investment below coequal scale traditional craft equipment 35% to 50% output efficiency same scale, higher than the traditional craft equipment 35% to 50% (for example: once in limestone 5mm account for 85% size acuities finished product or above). Long-term operation maintenance costs below coequal scale traditional craft equipment 35% - 50%, widely used in cement, sand production line, mechanism of refractories, metallurgy, etc.

Pictures of The third create pressure-blasting machine

The third create pressure-blasting machine

The third create pressure-blasting machine

PXJ sand making technical data 

Model Rotor working diameter×width(mm)
Φ800×400 Φ800×600 Φ800×800 Φ1000×1000 Φ1200×1000
Feeding port size (mm) 400×185 500×250 550×330 600×400 650×450
Material in granularity (mm Little than 120 mm Little than 180 mm Little than 180 mm Little than180 mm Little than 200 mm
Material out granularity (mm) Little than 5mm Little than 5 mm Little than 5 mm Little than 5 mm Little than 5 mm
Discharging grate width 10-20mm 10-20mm 10-20mm 10-20mm 10-20mm
Cement clinker(T/H) 20-25 30-35 35-40 55-60 60-85
Limestone(T/h) 25-30 35-40 40-45 60-70 70-100
Motor power 37(KW) 45(KW) 45(KW) 55(KW) 75(KW)

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