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A telephone network, and can be the most rapid let you learned the most professional of aerated concrete equipment, pricing, production line, but Huayi, it is recommended that you come to look at the factory, to facilitate the strength of the manufacturers to understand, immersive to feel the quality level.


1.You can call us at any time,,we will give building scheme according the customer’s scale of operation

2.We will provide the  correlation technique documents

3.provide examination of (tests) raw materials,and the best formula for after production

4.We will provide building work, technicist and on-the-spot guidance

5. Build management framework for the user, training technicist for production management ,equipment maintenance and quality control

6.Assist customer with equipment installation ,debugging

7.Accept user’s technical consultation at any time, and provide technical diagnosis

8.Maintenance personnel immediately on spot after receiving call of stoppage , clear trouble for the customer.

9.Provide fittings timely and quickly

10.Assist users with upgrading  and transformation of equipment.

11、Client review regularly ,ask for feedback opinion and realize two-way communication with customers, ensure that our products will be more perfect. 

Service Phone: 0371-64402058

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